First Baptist Church of Eagle River started as a mission of Grandview Baptist Church of Anchorage.

The mission began with nine people attending the first Sunday School.  By the time the mission was constituted into a church in February, 1958, there were 52 charter members.

The church has sponsored 3 missions which have grown into churches:  Birchwood Baptist, Muldoon-Denali Baptist, and First Baptist of Palmer.

Our local church conducts business according to its constitution and by-laws.  These deal with areas of doctrine, membership and discipline, officers and their duties, special committees, and use of our church property.

And yet, the history cannot really be written yet, for the church is still writing her history.  And there is a growing belief among members that all that had gone on before is just a prelude - that the best is yet to come.

There is a sense of the divine and holy leadership of God's Holy Spirit and a desire on the part of the members to follow that Spirit.